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Uses of Biodiesel

Biodiesel can be used in heating applications such as home heating or industrial applications, transportation applications if the vehicle has a diesel engine, and on the farm in machines like tractors. Today it is also very easy to purchase biodiesel blends in Connecticut. The information on this part of the site addresses the consumer experience of using biodiesel and what applications biodiesel can be used in.

Biodiesel for Transport


Biodiesel has become a valued commodity in powering auto vehicles. There are various economical and environmental advantages to utilizing this unique fuel. Detailed below are various strategic avenues that the implementation of biodiesel has been involved in. These avenues include private consumption in passenger cars, school buses, and various vehicle fleets, which are promoted by government incentives.


Using Biodiesel in School Buses:
The below EPA and National Biodiesel Board  websites discusses the current market for biodiesel in school buses as well as numerous examples of school districts utilizing biodiesel in their school buses. The below link discusses how a group of students at the University of Connecticut developed and implemented a plan to operate some of the university bus fleet on biodiesel made from yellow grease from dining halls on campus. This National Biodiesel Board web page describes a series of examples of using biodiesel successfully in school buses.

Willie Nelson's Tour Bus running on biodiesel

Below are some Education Institutions which use Biodiesel to power their school buses:

University of Virginia

Stonybrook University's

Schools in Jefferson County Kentucky

Biodiesel for Heat


Consumers today, more than at any other time, have greater opportunity in Connecticut to purchase biodiesel than ever before. It is now possible to purchase biodiesel for use as transportation fuel or heating fuel. Prices for biodiesel vary by both location and manufacturer. In Connecticut biodiesel is now cheaper than regular diesel in some areas and more expensive than regular diesel in others.

Biodiesel used for heating buildings is now commonly referred to as “bioheat.” Below is a web site where it is possible to locate Bioheat dealers in Connecticut where bioheat can be purchased for your home or business.


Furnace running on bioheat