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Welcome to Connecticut Biofuel Information


This web site is designed to increase the production and use of biofuels in the state of Connecticut by raising the awareness of benefits that are provided by its use in the areas of transportation and home heating. The main goal of this site is to promote biodiesel usage in Connecticut in complance with the current public policies concerning mitigation of the effects of climate change. While there are many types of biofuels, the main focus of this site will be on biodiesel.

Some information that will be provided by this site includes:

1. The identification of feedstock opportunities available in Connecticut.

2. To promote the collection and distribution of waste grease that is produced by fast food restaurants.

3. Current supply, processing and distribution of various feedstock into biodiesel in Connecticut.

4. How consumers, like you, can use biofuel and biodiesel for transportation and home heating.
Yellow Grease Stages


The picture to the left, shows a B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% diesel) fuel pump, while the picture to the right shows the various stages waste grease goes through to be converted from yellow grease, a waste product of food production, to biodiesel and bioheat.
This site is publicly funded through a grant from the Connecticut General Assembly and is developed and maintained by the Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University.